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The Regional Publicly Funded Health Care Facility «Oncology Center in Kostroma» - is the main healthcare facility providing specialized medical treatment for oncology patients, including high-technology medical care in the Kostroma region The Oncology Center has all necessary means for delivering high standard medical care – from high-technology equipment to highly-skilled specialists having experience of work in the leading federal centers.

The structure of the Oncology Center in Kostroma includes two Departments of Surgical Oncology, the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, the Department of Chemotherapy, the Department of Radiation Therapy and the Department of X-ray Diagnostic as well as the Endoscopy Department, the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory and the Histological Laboratory.

Surgical treatment

Our specialists have wide experience in performing surgical interventions in the following cases:

  • tumors of abdominal and thoraco-abdominal localization;
  • colorectal surgery;
  • prostate cancer, kidney and urologic cancer;
  • head and neck cancer;
  • skin and soft tissue tumors and breast cancer;
  • malignant tumors of vulva and vagina, of cervix uteri, of ovaries and uterus.

In our Center we give preference to endovideosurgical methods when conducting surgeries. This approach helps to reduce pain, it prevents development of peritoneal adhesions, it accelerates the rehabilitation of the patient and is usually followed by a good post-surgery cosmetic effect.

Endoscopy is a leading examination method allowing early diagnosis of tumors which affect the mucous membrane of hollow body organs. Rapidly developing intraluminal endoscopic surgery is the most important for endoscopic treatment of early cancer types.

Chemotherapeutic treatment in our Center is possible both in the day hospital and in the 24-hour hospital. The main therapeutic activity includes conducting drug therapy of malignant tumors:

  • chemotherapy;
  • targeted therapy;
  • hormonal therapy ;
  • biotherapy.

The Department uses advanced methods of chemotherapy, providing an effective result when combined with surgical and radiation methods of treatment. Chemotherapy is one of the most promising and dynamically developing branches of oncology, which opens up new possibilities for therapeutic intervention for a tumor cell.

Today one of the most important achievements of drug treatment is targeted therapy, which allows to predict high probability of a favorable outcome. Targeted therapy can be used at various stages, even in case of metastases. This treatment method is unique due to its impact only on tumor cells and the minimal impact on the healthy tissues of the human body, i.e. it does not cause side effects.

Clinical trials

The Oncology Center in Kostroma is included in the list of Russian medical institutions that are eligible for clinical trials of medical drugs. The relevant Certificate of Accreditation № 1598 issued by the Ministry of Health in 15 March 2018, the validity period is five years.

The Department of Radiation Therapy is one of the advanced radiation therapy departments in the whole country, it's aimed at 800-1000 patients per year. In 2014 this Department was equipped with the latest radiotherapeutic instruments produced by the world leaders of this industry.

We established a continuous step-by-step chain of the advanced pre-radiation preparation and radiation therapy, which consists of topometry performed on the Toshiba CT scanner, a modern 3D planning system (XiO) and advanced radiation therapy with gamma-therapeutic instruments, using individual fixing devices.

Contact Information for Foreign Visitors

Tel./Fax: +7 4942 47 11 30

Address: 19 Nizhniaia Debria str., Kostroma

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web-site: www.onko44.ru

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19 July 2021

Известные телеведущие приехали в Кострому для съемок фильма о России и людях, которые в ней проживают под названием “В поисках русского характера”. В данном туре запланированы встречи с интересными жителями регионов. В Костроме, в первых их числе, посетили онкологический диспансер. Познер Владимир Владимирович лично приехал оценить работу врачей-онкологов. 

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