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Kostroma Regional Cancer Center was founded in 1981 Today, Kostroma Clinical Oncology Center is the main clinical facility in Kostroma region, providing specialized medical treatment to oncological patients, including technology-intensive medical assistance.

Kostroma Clinical Oncology Center has all necessary means to provide specialized medical treatment, at highest possible level, including high-tech equipment and medical doctors, that has been trained at leading medical centers.

In 2013, thanks to federal funds, Center was equipped with modern, state of the art equipment, including high-tech equipment and equipment for audio- visual surgical operation, allowing our surgeons to perform a unique surgery operations which was impossible to do before. This operations include minimally invasive computer assisted operation, video assisted thoracic surgery(VATS) and video assisted abdominal laparoscopic surgery (VALS), wide range of combined gastrointestinal surgery operations, operation using perfusion technology. Besides, we implemented modern invasive methods of patient’s monitoring and changed our approach to patient’s treatment in perioperative period.

Now Clinical Oncology Center has a wide range of high-quality medical diagnostics equipment such as X Ray complex Stephanix, 64 channel CT scanner Scenaria Hitachi, 16 channel CT scanner Aquilion LB Toshiba, Selenia Dimensions HOLODIC digital mammography system, radio fluoroscopy diagnostics system Stephanix, Voluson™ E8 ultrasound system, Theratron Equinox 100 gamma therapy system, gamma therapy system Multisource HDR, Xstrahl 200 X-ray therapy system and so on.

Telemedicine is time- and cost-effective for both patients and health care professionals and play a substantial role in the development of modern health care systems that can extend the benefits of multidisciplinary care to regional and rural patients and provide critical care and services to cancer patients including remote chemotherapy supervision, symptom management and so on/ Center has established communication lines with leading National Cancer research institution, such as Russian Cancer Research Center named after N.N Blokhin, Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Center, Dzanelidze Research institute of Emergency Medicine (Saint-Petersburg) and so on.

Cancer care service in Kostroma Region was founded in 1946 Today, Kostroma Clinical Oncology Center has 142 bed in-patient and 44 bed out- patient facilities, with more than 8000 patients in year treated in in-patient department and more than 50000 in year treated in out-patient department. Every year more than 1400 surgery operation have been performed at Centre and more than 900 patients received X Ray therapy (300 patients in out patient department)

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24 March 2020

По данным главного санитарного врача по Костромской области Александра Кокоулина, в настоящее время на карантине находятся 98 жителей региона. По итогам лабораторных исследований случаев заражения коронавирусом не выявлено.

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Учреждения здравоохранения Костромской области посетил Министр здравоохранения РФ Михаил Мурашко. По итогам визита он отметил успешную реализацию в регионе национального проекта «Здравоохранение», а также переход на цифровые технологии в медицине и фармакологии.

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